various essays, articles and reviews:

seven – artist statement
statement to accompany the exhibition ‘seven’ in Kunming, China (2006)

translation of a Chinese newspaper article about the exhibition ‘seven’ (2006)

a short essay reflecting on two years of Masters research (2004): ‘Past, Present, Future – Exploring possibilities in time from a finite position’

artist statement
statement that accompanied my Masters exhibition. (2004)

research contextualisation

an essay investigating both Kinetic Art and Jackson Pollock. This was written as part of my Masters research as a way of placing my work in a context of previous art practice. (2004)

context – kinetic art
a shorter essay in which I investigate Kinetic Art and the context that this particular movement gives to my practice (2003)

an extract from Jonathan’s Masters’ research proposal (2003)

evolve 2001
a short piece written about an exhibition in 2001

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