Jonathan Kearney artist


4 forthcoming exhibitions
Sept 08 - details of plans for shows in London and Brazil

July 08 - exhibition as part of large arts festival Includes new experimental work

Apr 08 - teaching in Romania

Hong Kong
Feb-Mar 08 - art in residence in Hong Kong

Indian Conference
Jan 08 - City to City conference in Hyderabad

HIV/Aids in China
Dec 07 - exhibition and education in South West China

Huge mural
Sept-Oct 07 - a 110 metre outdoor mural completed at a school

Aug 07 - Jonathan starts working as assistant to large research project

Dental Work
Aug 07 - Jonathan's work is installed at a dental practice

Tansitional Era
July 07 - Jonathan curates show of some the latest Chinese art

Liverpool & Shanghai
July 07 - the ongoing connections go on

Wiseman Village
June 07 - joint exhibtion in unusual setting, China

May 07 - 3 lectures at 3 Chinese universities

May-June 07 - Jonathan is involved in redisgning TCG Nordica

Apr 07 - Jonathan joins 30 Chinese artists for Beijing show

Liverpool & Shanghai
March 07 - more virtual (but real) connections

Artist book
Feb 07 - Chinese art book includes a foreigner for 1st time

Dream & Reality
Jan 07 - exhibition of 2 Chinese artists curated by Jonathan

Chun Qunjie
Oct 06 - retrospective exhibition curated by Jonathan

Sensory Material
Sept 06 - work selected for prestigious exhibition

Shanghai Biennial
Sept 06 - Jonathan is part of a Liverpool exhibition in twin city Shanghai

Contagious Love
Sept 06 - Jonathan curates show with 35 Chinese artists

Gallery Director/Curator
Aug 06 - new role at Sino-Scandanavian gallery in China

WAVE exhibition, London & Seoul
July-Oct 06 - a group exhibition in Britian & Korea

April-May 06 - huge solo exhibition

Colour Play, Shanghai
Mar 06 - joint exhibition with Australian artist


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Dream & Reality

Jan. 2007 - Jonathan has curated a new exhibition of work by 2 young Chinese artists at TCG Nordica Gallery in Kunming, China.

Here is an extract from the speech he gave at the exhibition opening.

'Bao Fusheng and Li Fan's work deal with the issues of dream and reality but they do this is very different ways.

Bao Fusheng struggles with the reality of modern day China, with it's empty pursuit of materialism and suffocating desires for more of everything. His work is a dramatic statement that China needs to listen to if it is the avoid the fast approaching dangers. The figures you see and struggling for breath, they are struggling for life. In fact it is a very simple thing to break free from this struggle as even the smallest hole made in the plastic will allow the air to rush in and life to return.

Li Fan on the the other hand, is reaching back and contemplating the past. The history of China is rich and long and strength comes to this nation when it doesn't forget that today is just another step on the long journey. However history can teach us some surprising lessons and we should be prepared to learn new things which are inspired and connected to the old.

Li Fan paints in a careful and sensitive way, just look at the delicate brush strokes he uses. These speak of great respect and honour to what has gone before but he doesn't end in unreality, he is able to dream and connect that dream with a modern reality.

Although we have broken all the rules in hanging Bao Fusheng's paintings in this way, we hope that it simply enhances his work. Bao Fusheng paints in bold stokes. His paintings shout like an ancient prophet, warning of the future. The pressure is cleverly captured and it seems that his hope is the the bad dream, the nightmare, will not become reality.'

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