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4 forthcoming exhibitions
Sept 08 - details of plans for shows in London and Brazil

July 08 - exhibition as part of large arts festival Includes new experimental work

Hong Kong
Feb-Mar 08 - art in residence in Hong Kong

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This site documents the work of British artist Jonathan Kearney. Jonathan mainly uses PVA glue, acrylic and various forms of digital media. He is currently living and working in China with his family. Along with learning Mandarin, Jonathan is exploring connections between his own work and Chinese art as well lecturing in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming & London.

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Jonathan is also Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell College, where he teaches art on a MA (Masters) course. While living in China he teaches online using various innovative methods to interact with his students. Jonathan also works assisting a large Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded research project at the same university, this time at Chelsea College. He is assisting Professor Paul Coldwell on a project called 'The Personalised Surface within Fine Art Digital Printmaking'.


Jonathan is currently the Gallery Director of a large contemporary art gallery, TCG Nordica, in Kunming, China and was for 5 years, a co-director of the artist run space 'House Gallery', in London.

With many solo and group exhibitions, Jonathan's work has been seen at the ICA London (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London Art Fair, 798 Beijing, Shanghai Biennial and was selected for Bonhams Exhibit 06.

Jonathan has also curated many exhibitions including large group shows of contemporary Chinese art and Sir Terry Frost in 2000.

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One viewer said, Jonathan's glue films were 'like watching paint dry . . . only mesmerising!'.
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Limited edition prints available
8 different prints from work created for a restaurant in China.
(image above is a detail of one of the prints)
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detail of 'light2' 2004

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